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Structure principle:

The material between the screen and the screen is squeezed by an S-shaped granulating knife to force the material out of the screen to form cylindrical particles. Particle size is achieved by replacing screens of different pore sizes.

Applicable scale:

Small production in laboratories, research institutes, universities, and factories

Applicable industry:

Pharmaceutical industry particles, such as: tablets, granules, capsules, etc.

Particles in the food industry, such as chicken essence, condiments, solid beverages, etc.

Health products industry particles, such as: tea granules.

Pesticides in the chemical industry, such as: WDG water-dispersible granules.

The cross-section required for other industries is cylindrical.

Main features:

GMP design: Avoid cross contamination.

Versatile: Quick tool change to 90 mesh.

The amount of feed is small: at least 40 grams.

Double side discharge: automatic discharge.

Tool-free disassembly: convenient and fast.

Pressure-free material design: no manual pressing is required.

Multiple reliable seals: can be washed directly without removing the knife.

Standardized manufacturing: good interchangeability and stable performance.

European transmission technology: stable and reliable.


modelpowerpower supplyDrying ability
LXD1501.5 kWAC 220V / 50Hz1~100 kg/h
Barrel volumeCartridge inner diameterweightDimensions
0.6~2.0 mm90 mm / 150 mm55 kg520×430×790 mm