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Structure principle:


In the gravity field, when the powdery and granular materials are naturally stacked and balanced, the material stacking slope and the ground will form a fixed angle, that is, the angle of repose. Under the action of external force, the angle of repose is reduced and the material stacking area is enlarged. The NJ series paddle feeder (formerly known as: distributor) uses this principle to spread the material evenly around by a special stirring paddle and deliver it to the discharge port for centralized discharge. Therefore, the material is not bridged, not segregated in the blade feeder, and is quantitatively discharged. The material is fed from the upper feed port and discharged from the lower outer discharge port.


Applicable scale:


Factory large and medium scale production


Applicable industry:


Pesticide chemical industry, such as: continuous and stable production of WDG production line.


The grain industry, such as the quantitative transport of various types of cereals.


Plastic industry, such as: plastic particles transfer and quantitative transport.


Transfer and quantitative transfer of materials required by other industries.


Main features:


Pressureless discharge port: high conveying precision.


Straight silo: eliminate bridging and segregation.


Low residue design: less residue.


Made of stainless steel: The working chambers are made of 304 stainless steel and are durable.


European transmission technology: stable and reliable.


Tool-free adjustment: convenient and fast.


Maximum power 1.5kW: low energy consumption.


Fully enclosed structure: The working chamber is completely enclosed, which is more environmentally friendly and healthier.


CIP online cleaning: multiple reliable seals, can be washed directly without removing the knife.



modelpowerpower supplyDelivery volume(单口)
NJ series≤1.5 kWAC 380V / 50Hz20~2000 kg/h
Conveying accuracyAir pressureProtection levelLoading factor
± 1%~4% kg/h28 kgf/cm2IP55 (Working chamber)0.8
Total volumeDimensions
500、600、800、900、1000、1200、1400、1600、1800、2000、...4000L1500~1500×1180~2500 mm