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Structure principle:


It works by the reciprocating rotational motion generated by the vibrator excitation, and its vibration trajectory is a complicated spatial curve. The amplitude is changed by changing the phase of the vibrator.


Applicable scale:


Factory production at various scales


Applicable industry:


Pharmaceutical industry, such as: separation of particles and fine powder.


Food industry, such as: separation of particles and fine powder.


Health care products, such as: particle screening.


Pesticide chemical industry, such as: WDG finished particle screening.


Separation of materials of different dimensions required by other industries.


Main features:


GMP design: Avoid cross contamination.


Fully enclosed mechanism: to prevent the dust from flying.


Vibration reduction design: smooth operation and low noise.


Mechanical optimization design: high efficiency, low energy consumption.


Adjustable tilt angle: Optimize the screen speed.


Tool-free disassembly: convenient and fast.


CIP online cleaning: the working chamber can be directly washed.


Made of stainless steel: The material contact parts are made of austenitic stainless steel and are durable.


Standardized manufacturing: good interchangeability and stable performance.



modelpowerpower supplyDrying abilitySieve layer numberScreening rangeweightDimensions

AC 380V  

/ 50Hz

100~1500 kg/h1~4 层5~100 目150 kg1200×600×1000 mm

AC 380V  

/ 50Hz

150~2000 kg/h1~4 层5~100 目300 kg1800×650×1100 mm

AC 380V  

/ 50Hz

200~2500 kg/h1~4 层5~100 目400 kg2000×900×1300 mm