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Laboratory universal crusher scope:

The laboratory universal crusher can pulverize dry materials and can be continuously pulverized. It is most suitable for crushing fiber, wood, roots and minerals, such as leaves, herbs, Dendrobium, Astragalus, Licorice, Spatholobus, Agarwood, Grain. Mixed grains, etc. The output ranges from a few kilograms to a dozen kilograms (depending on the material), suitable for medium-sized experimental and small-scale production users.

This machine can be widely used in Chinese and Western medicine, food, feed, chemical, agricultural and other industries, as well as pharmacies, pharmacies, hospital clinics, Sanqi stores, health products stores, grain crops, pearl shops, research institutes, colleges and universities. Wait for users to use.

How the laboratory universal grinder works

The laboratory universal crusher is a device that uses grinding to achieve the crushing of dry materials. It consists of a crushing chamber, a hammer, a grinding tile, and the like. The material enters the crushing chamber through the canteen-grade stainless steel feeding port, and is squeezed, impacted and ground between the hammer and the grinding tile. The flow of the airflow is caused by the movement of the hammer and the airflow, so that the airflow drives the crushed material through the sieve. The net enters the filter bag for filtration, the air is discharged, and the materials and dust are collected to complete the crushing.

Laboratory universal crusher technical parameters:

Crushing fineness: 60-180 mesh

Production capacity: 5-12kg / h (depending on material conditions)

Power: 1200w

Speed: 20000 rev / min

Net weight: 10.5kg

Laboratory universal crusher operating specifications:

1. Preparation: Open the upper cover and replace the screen with the fineness required for crushing. Install a straight iron bar, a receiving bag, a dust bag, and check if there is any foreign matter in the crushing chamber (it must be empty before starting the machine). Tighten the upper cap and the butterfly nut of the crushing chamber.

2. Feeding: After starting the motor, first rotate the machine for 2 minutes, gradually feed the material from the feeding tray, pay attention to the feeding should not be too fast, too much.

3. Discharge: pour out the fine powder in the bag.

Tips: Pure copper motor has less heat and quick heat dissipation. Under normal feeding, the pulverizer can work for 1-5 hours, and after 0.5-1 hours of rest, it can work continuously again. The continuous working time is no less than 10 hours per day!