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Structure principle:
The boiling dryer is heated by a heat exchanger to form hot air, and enters the main machine through the mesh plate. Due to the effect of wind pressure, the material forms a boiling state in the dryer and is in extensive contact with the hot air, thereby completing in a short time. The material is dried.
Applicable scale:
Laboratory, research institute, college
Applicable industry:
Pharmaceutical industry, such as: drying of wet granules.
Food industry, such as: chicken essence, condiments, dry beverages, etc.
Health products industry particles, such as: drying of tea granules.
Pesticides in the chemical industry, such as: drying of WDG water-dispersible granules.
Drying of wet materials required by other industries.
Main features:
GMP design: Avoid cross contamination.
Drying temperature: room temperature to 99 °C.
Drying time: 1 ~ 8 min / batch.
Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5 °C, precise temperature control.
Number of heaters: 2 independent groups, free to switch.
Manual heating off: 2 groups are independent, arbitrarily selected.
Heating display: The heating light is on, and the heating state can be observed in real time.
Heating control mode: PID control, real-time monitoring, accurate temperature control.
Heating element on/off control mode: electronic, longer component life.
Over temperature alarm: upper limit alarm.
Over-temperature heating automatically shuts off: eliminates material over-temperature scrapping.
Over-temperature automatic cooling: The over-temperature heating is automatically turned off, and the air volume is automatically set to the maximum, without manual guard.
Limit temperature control: electronic.
Electrical heat recovery system: extend the life of electrical appliances and improve heating efficiency.
Air volume adjustment mode: stepless adjustment.
Simultaneous adjustment of air volume and heating: better match the requirements of heating temperature.
Low air volume safety control mode: alarm and automatically turn off the heating to prevent damage to the equipment by mistake.
Run timing function: eliminate the trouble of manual guard.
Gap running function: The material adapts to a wider range.