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Structure principle:
The material between the screen and the screen is squeezed by an S-shaped granulating knife, and the binder is used to force the material out of the screen to form cylindrical particles. Particle size is achieved by replacing screens of different pore sizes.
Applicable scale:
Medium-scale production in the factory
Applicable industry:
Pharmaceutical industry particles, such as: tablets, granules, capsules, etc.
Particles in the food industry, such as chicken essence, condiments, solid beverages, etc.
Health products industry particles, such as: tea granules.
Pesticides in the chemical industry, such as: WDG water-dispersible granules.
The cross-section required for other industries is cylindrical.
Main features:
GMP design: Avoid cross contamination.
The holding screen is reliable in structure, convenient in disassembly and assembly, and low in the use cost of the screen.
European transmission technology: stable and reliable.
Granulating and pressing independent speed regulation: material adaptability is more extensive.
The knife and net gaps are adjusted in stages: it is convenient to adjust precisely to optimize the pressing force.
Multiple types of granulating knives: better adapted to different fluid materials. (optional)
The pressure of the press material is adjustable: it is better adapted to different specific gravity materials.
The discharge tray speed is adjustable: automatic discharge, convenient to control the discharge speed.
Whole grain system: particle length controllable; anti-blocking design, no need for manual assistance. (optional)
Omni-directional water cooling system: Minimize material temperature.
Air-cooled system: Prevents sticky materials from clumping into balls. (optional)
Fully enclosed structure: The working part can be completely enclosed, more environmentally friendly and healthier. (optional)
Gas seal system: Effectively prevents internal feed.
Temperature detection: display real-time temperature; automatically control the water cooling system to start and stop.
Tool-free disassembly: convenient and fast. (except screen)
CIP online cleaning: multiple reliable seals with sump, can be washed directly without removing the knife.
Made of stainless steel: The material contact parts are made of austenitic stainless steel and are durable.
Standardized manufacturing: good interchangeability and stable performance.
modelspan> power power Drying ability Cartridge inner diameter
LX300 10 kW AC 380V / 50Hz 100~400 kg/h 0.6~3.0 mm
Screen inner diameter weight weight... Water source pressure... Dimensions
300 mm 800 kg 13 kgf/cm2 38 kgf/cm2 1530×800×1280 mm