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  • Jinci product naming rules Refer to "YY/T 0216-1995 pharmaceutical machinery product model preparation method". The specific model description is as follows: LXP90 rotary granulator: L granulator, X rotation, P tray discharge, 90 mesh inner diameter. ...

  • Structural principle: The material between the screen and the screen is squeezed by an S-shaped granulating knife, and the material is forced out of the screen to form cylindrical particles. Particle size is achieved by replacing screens of different ...

  • NJ series paddle feeder (also known as distributor, cloth machine) is the company's introduction, digestion, absorption of European advanced material transfer, quantitative transportation technology, combined with the actual use of the original domest...

  • Preparation before use: Before the use, run the air test (jog), stop immediately after departure, check the mill, rotate in the direction of the arc, whether the parts are flexible, whether there is dry noise, can be used normally after confirmation. ...

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