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What should I pay attention to in the maintenance of ice water machine?
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The chiller malfunctions for several reasons: it may be caused by improper installation (installation error or installation is not installed), or it may be caused by misuse or carelessness during use, or it may be system A normal failure of operation.
Three points of overhaul of ice water machine:
First, be sure to handle the refrigerant before servicing the entire system.
The second point, please be sure to power off the operation and take protective measures.
Third, you should seek professional guidance or help.
Regarding the first point, it is more important. Although the second point is more important, the second point is often not easily overlooked, but the first point is most easily overlooked. The refrigerant in the ice water machine (excluding the brine) is the refrigerant. It may be fluorine or ammonia. It may also be code-named R22, r410, etc. Although there are various differences, people in the industry will know that These so-called chillers are classified differently. In addition to the difference in price, the other is the effect and environmental protection and the problem of the matched lubricating oil. However, for maintenance, it is not necessary to subdivide, as long as you know It is ok to handle the refrigerant.
How to deal with it? Of course, it is necessary to do safety measures and drain the refrigerant in the ice water machine, and then carry out maintenance, because if the refrigerant leaks during maintenance, the problem will be big.
The second point, power off operation, just say - don't think that shutting down, you must power off the operation to repair the ice machine.
Third, non-professional refrigeration industry personnel can not dismantle the ice water machine by themselves. Non-professionals can only repair and repair without disassembling the machine. If there is any problem, they should seek professional help.
The three points of maintenance of the ice water machine have been described. The following is a brief introduction to the installation and use points (for details, please refer to the link at the beginning of this article, here is a brief description):
Whether the water flow is smooth - the ice water machine is used to cool down, and the system water flow is not smooth, it is impossible to work and cool.
Whether the voltage, current and other electrical resources are normal and in place – including details such as grounding, and whether electrical capacity is required before installation.
Whether there are obstacles in the perimeter or the fuselage - if there are obstacles in the perimeter or heavy objects on the fuselage, it will affect the heat dissipation or the fuselage.
Whether the ground is flat – uneven ground can affect the chiller system.
Check before and after starting up - check whether water leakage and leakage, and whether the chiller settings and control functions are normal, whether it can start and stop normally.