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Rotary granulators come in many different models
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The granulator is a kind of granulating equipment, which is mainly composed of feeding, granulating, transmission, stirring and the like. At the same time, it can be divided into two different mechanisms: feed granulator and biomass energy granulator. In terms of feeding, etc., it is mainly a very large rotating drum as the main working machine. The sway of the rotating cymbal plays a very important role. The sway will grind the powder material into a granule which can be processed into a useful material.
The granulator is mainly used to process solid raw materials. Like those liquids, it can't be processed. For the rotary granulator, only the L model is divided into many different types: LXP90, LXZ90, LX150, LXD150, LX300, LX450 and so on. So how do these rotary granulators starting with L work? Take the example of the LXP90 granulator.
The LXP90 rotary granulator works with a S-shaped granulator as a tool. It squeezes the material between the screen and itself. Since the cylindrical net is the bottom, the particles are also out. Cylindrical. In addition, the cylindrical screen has a variety of sizes and can be exchanged according to your needs. The LXP90 is designed with GMP to reduce air pollution. The main area of ​​use is the manufacture of medicines in the medical industry, which can produce small granular granules.