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Three technical advantages to provide quality products
Excellent productsn

①Professional productionRotary granulator、Dry granulator、Paddle feeder......
②Intelligent equipment, automatic adjustment. Reduced 10%Material cost
③Products are sold all over the world.

Reasonable price

①Multiple unitsAdvanced equipment,Raise productivity,Reduced 10%Labor cost
②Product inclusion Rotary granulator、Dry granulator、Paddle feeder......
③Good price and good price

Dedicated service

①Professional productionRotary granulator、Dry granulator、Paddle feederReduced 10%Material cost
③Unity of mind, perfect business philosophy. Products are sold worldwide.

Suzhou Jintong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Since its inception, Suzhou Jintong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the R&D, production and sales of pharmaceutical, biological, food, chemical and other machinery, aiming at China's "smart" manufacturing to the world, and constantly launching more efficient, intelligent, environmentally friendly and stable innovative products and services worldwide.

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