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Address:15 Guotai North Road, Zhangjiagang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China

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Paraphraes to brand

Interpretation of Chinese names

“Jin”:Keep up with the sun and advance.

“Tong”:Red. Extended to China red.

“Jin Tong”Moral:We will never slacken our efforts, constantly upgrade the quality of products, and let China Red spread all over the world.


Jin Tong's initials J and T work hand in hand.“π”Shape. Moral: Jin Tong is as old and mysterious as pi.

The ellipse represents the earth. Moral: Jin Tong's products go all over the world.

Paraphraes to brand

The idea of Jin Tong:Together, perfect!

The vision of Jin Tong:Create a professional industry!